The Movie Disaster

A cliche love story. A forbidden romance. Two best friends and many rules.

Elle, the main character of the Kissing Booth, is best friends with a boy Lee. Yet, she has had a crush on his brother for a long time. While Noah is off-limits for Elle based on a set of rules that Elle and Lee made as they were kids, ‘Best friends siblings are off limits.’

This movie is a disaster. Cliche teen forbidden romance, check. Making up ‘trendy catchphrases,’ check. How believabile this movie is also a 0/10, the overall making of the movie is a massive fail, and the cliche aspect is sky high. The movie begins with Elle giving us her whole back story. During this montage we get introduced to Lee and Noah, after Elle, of course, showed us how relatable she is. Then we jump forward and see our character in their current ‘appearances’ which is also where we hear Elle say ‘I know what you think Noah Flynn is stupid hot,’ and then the introduction of their friendship rules begins, which goes on for pretty much the rest of the movie.

Now we jump to the first day of school. Elle is excited because, as in every cliche teen drama/romance/comedy movie, she has had a summer glow up, and well while getting dressed rips her uniform *facepalm* how does one manage that?! Of Course, she has two backups, another pair of pants, and the shortest skirt the world ever did see. Low and behold, her pants are at the dry cleaners because why not, and all she has left to wear is a ‘6th-grade skirt with a 9th-grade body,’ is what she said. In whose world would that happen. Who has their 6th-grade school uniform skirt? Who keeps things like that, as a backup?!

She comes to school, everyone is looking because well, you can see her whole backside. She then says, ‘This happens to all of us,’ well no, it really doesn’t. The is another scenario that is 0% believable. How many people go to school with a skirt that shows off their whole backside, well I don’t know about you, but I don’t think anyone does.

Dude comes up touches her butt, and Lee being the macho best friend and knight in shining armor tries to get in a fight and ‘defend Elle’, and of course has no upper body strength so gets wrecked until Noah, the sexy brother, comes and finishes off what Lee started. The level of cliche and predictability this scene had. The ‘twiggy’ best friend tries to get in a fight to ‘defend’ his bestie and well, fails. Then the macho brother comes and saves his backside, yeah very original.

During their lunch, we meet the OMG Girlz, the plastic mean girls, another part of this movie that is really predictable as every high school movie has the ‘mean girls.’ They, of course, eat only bananas and water, nice, bringing awareness to eating disorders, fantastic.

Flash forward a bit of the movie, they all go to detention and the guy that touched Elle’s butt asks her out, she says yes, and gets stood up, she then calls for Lee, and they go to their arcade to dance. Then the dude shows up and says ‘Noah told me it wouldn’t be smart for me to show up for our date tonight,’ but Elle was not having it! This is a bad part of the movie makers. Why is Noah all of a sudden caring and forbidding Elle to date, some background info, please!

So that is the beginning of this cliche disaster. We learn that the whole thing this movie revolves around is the fact that Lee and Elle need to think of a good fundraiser idea for their dance club thing, and, low and behold, they come up with a kissing booth. What school, in their right mind, would approve a high school kissing booth. Condone and encourage, bullying, and ‘sexual’ ‘events’. Most schools are highly against it, especially schools that require uniforms, I mean hello? How believable this scene is, it’s non-existent. Why would the producers believe this would be a good and ‘believable’ idea?

When we look at it though we see that the idea of a kissing booth is pretty wrong, in ever Hollywood made movie, everyone is a perfect human being, that is not really how high school looks, if you are/were still in high school, look around, how many of the people would you actually want to kiss.

Elle then tricks the OMG girlz into doing the booth and during one of their ‘turns’ the ‘ugliest’ and ‘nerdiest’ guy in school comes up and they, well, try to trick Elle. They are the mean girlz duh! Low and behold NOAH FLYNN comes up and takes his turn, dun-dun-dunnnn. He ends up kissing Elle, nice one. In every Hollywood movie, there is that one scene. Where the two ‘main characters’ come to a certain spot in perfect timing. I mean sure, sometimes it happens, but most likely rather than not, in the real world, Noah would have kissed one of the OMG Girlz.

Then Elle tells Lee about her kissing Noah and the Lee goes and says, the producers failed attempt at making a ‘trendy catchphrase’, “Just don’t end up ‘grinding coochies’ with my brother, or I will literally never talk to you ever again.’ If I were, to be honest, I wouldn’t ever talk to him or anyone for that matter, if someone said ‘grinding coochies’ to me, just like why?

Elle starts running home, Noah catches up, takes her on his motorcycle, and then it starts raining! He takes her a ‘romantic place’ and they confess their undying love to each other, in the rain. What Hollywood romance movie does not have rain kissing scene, am I right or am I right? They then get interrupted by the garden cleaner or janitor of the garden? He tells Noah, ‘I told you to stop bringing girls here,’ Elle gets pissed and storms off, yay DRAMMMMA. Again, what Hollywood made teenage romance movie does not have a fight produced by another person’s words between the two ‘main characters.’

Then are the montages. After that, we see an abnormally, unnecessarily long montage of Noah and Elle trying to ‘conceal’ their relationship. There was a montage of their ‘kissing booth’ kiss, another montage of her childhood if you took all the montages out of the movie you would receive a 40-minute special cliche high school story. If the producers made one montage sure, two is a stretch but more than that! That is truly obnoxious. If the producers thought so many montages would be a good idea why not just name the movie ‘The Kissing Booth of Montages.’

So, to sum it all up this movie sucks. From it’s 10-minute montages, to the number of cliche aspects, to its ‘trendy catchphrase’ fails. The teen forbidden romance can be an amazing movie idea, granted, it is overdone, but can be done well, but this was just a disaster. With ½ of the movie being unnecessary montages. Elle whole life backstory, Elle’s and Noah’s kiss at the kissing booth, with FLASHING and BURSTING lights everywhere, and then the longest more UNNECESSARY one of them all, Elle and Noah trying to hide their relationship. It may be an amazing movie for little kids, middle school students, hoping about high school, but no, this movie is just a flop for anyone above that. With a 22% rotten tomato rating, a ⅗ stars, and a D from me, I would say the world, would have been better off without this movie.

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