Reservoir Dogs

Written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, six smart and intriguing criminals are hired to steal diamonds. However, during the robbery, the police show up, unexpectedly ruining the robbers’ plan. With some of the group members killed, the remaining individuals start questioning and discussing the existence of an undercover cop among them, giving the spark to a tense and exciting story.

Mateo Gibson Review: 

This is a movie that I thoroughly enjoyed. For the majority of the runtime there was a sense of tension that kept me hooked and worried about the fates of various characters. Speaking of characters, it was always a pleasure to see them interact with one another. Curiously enough, I found myself rooting for Mr. Pink and Mr. White the most. When a movie is able to make you care for its characters despite them making bad and unethical choices, then you know that it’s worth the watch. In terms of addressing the elephant in the room, which is whether or not this movie is considered a good “Tarantino” film, I am not too sure. Tarantino’s iconic (or infamous) cliches were very prevalent throughout the film, such as excessive violence and gore, snappy dialogue, unconventional ways of telling the story through flashbacks and bare feet. In my personal opinion, these cliches did not take away or distract me from the film in comparison to other Tarantino films where these very cliches felt misplaced or unnecessary (especially the feet). All in all, this was a pleasant watch, despite the story not being overly complex I found myself heavily engaged in the film and even wishing there were more scenes. 

Rating: 4 / 5 

Anonymous Review:

A Tarantino classic, Reservoir Dogs is a movie that is exceptionally directed and has some fantastic acting to create characters who complement each other very well. This film takes a very unique perspective on its plotline (bank heist), which looks at everything that happens around the heist – except for the heist itself. What makes this movie so good is how the characters interact with each other, with a perfect mix of psychotic personalities and composed, professional thieves. Personally, I really enjoyed this film, as it was an outlook on a scenario which I had never seen before. A criticism of this film is that the script is potentially too long and unnecessary; however, I believe that every line plays an important role in developing characters and relationships. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this film, despite the criticisms it may have received – it is certainly a classic. 

Rating: 4 / 5

Anonymous Review:

The interesting background stories and the many plot twists make the movie very interesting from the beginning to the end. The dialogues are however very slow and predictable as the movie could have been considerably shorter. Overall a pleasant experience.

Rating 3.4 / 5

Pedro Moreira Review:

Written and directed by famously known Quentin Tarantino, Reservoir Dogs can be labeled as the “Perfect Tarantino” movie. Reservoir Dogs is a simple but thrilling story with tension, excitement, and even (dark) comedy. In my opinion, it is undeniable to not point out the script as one of the movie’s best aspects. Dialogues are always sharp and very realistic, transporting the viewer straight into the story since the first, brilliantly directed, dinner scene. Tarantino sets a very good pace to the film, keeping the viewer excited when needed, but also leaving time to digest all the action and information shown on screen. It is also important to point out that the screenplay doesn’t focus on the actions of the plot but on character development. This might cause a lot of viewers to dislike the movie since dialogues certainly are long and are considered ‘useless’ to the final conclusion of the story. Each character has its own interesting individualities that the viewer discovers and figures out through the movie. To help, Tim Roth, Steve Buscemi, and Harvey Keitel deliver great acting showing the emotion behind such cold-blooded individuals. Furthermore, the directing and camera work needs to be mentioned, with engaging shots and excellent camera movement, making scenes much tenser and exciting. In conclusion, Reservoir Dogs is an absolute classic, with several unforgettable scenes that every movie-lover should watch. As I said, an absolute MASTERPIECE.

Rating: 4.5 / 5 

Anonymous Review:

Reservoir Dogs is constant tension and one of the few movies which can definitely be considered a classic. Whilst the length of the film and some scenes can be argued against, watching how different scenes act as puzzle pieces, and together, create a tense film is definitely worth it. This film is perfect for all Tarantino fanatics and lovers of gangster movies.

Rating: 3 / 5

Average Rating:

3.88 / 5.0

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