October Person of the Month

Alex Weber (Grade 11)is October’s Lions Journal Nominated Person of the Month!

This month has been a  successful month for 11th-grade student, Alex Weber.

Not only is he succeeding in his academics, but he has been working harder than ever in improving his tennis skills.

The Lion’s Journal believed that he deserves some recognition!

Throughout the month of October, Alex has managed to increase his overall tennis rank to 160th in              Switzerland, and 14th for his age category.

His tennis journey began at the age of six, and since then he has only gotten stronger, fitter, and more successful.

Currently, Alex trains two or three hours a day after school and competes around Switzerland on most weekends.

He is inspirational and is a constant reminder to us all that in order to be successful, you need to put in the hard work.

But, such great success is not easy, and he must make sure to balance tennis and school work.

I’m home at 18:00”. Alex’s dreams do not stop there, he hopes that in the future he can potentially pursue tennis as his career.


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