Welcome to… (drumroll please) ASKING FOR A FRIEND!

Hello Lions Journal Enthusiasts,

I am pleased to announce that we have an Advice Column on the Lion’s Journal at long last! I am sure that you have all jumped out of your seats with excitement upon hearing this news, and I look forward to seeing your submissions. Before we can solve your problems, though, I gotta explain to you how this all works. Firstly, everything about this column is anonymous. Never will we share your name or grade level unless you want us to ( I mean whatever floats your boat.) Please don’t name other people in your submissions… although using fake names should be fine. Secondly, asking for advice is as simple as ever. There’s a link below; just write down your woes, and away I’ll go. I hope I’ll help you to the best of my abilities, and I look forward to hearing about all your tea!!!

Are you asking for a friend?  Then click HERE


Asking For a Friend.

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