Balancing Life’s Equations: Farewell to Ms. Ferrero

The start of a new chapter for Ms. Ferrero. She has been a Math teacher at ZIS for 9 years and is now ready to leave that path behind.

“I plan to dedicate to a new balanced meaning. I’m not going to be looking for another job. I will relax and jog my creative mind.” Ms.Ferrero described. After some great years of teaching, she is ready to put her academic career to ready and bring out her creative side for a while.

She has made some great friends and colleagues. “The collegiality of this school is great. All my colleagues have this passion that we all share,” said Ms.Ferrero. The collegiality brought out everyone’s knowledge and understanding of what it is like to be a teacher. “The difference in cultures and personalities brought out the best in us and our students,” she exclaimed.

 As she has been here for so long, she seems to have influenced her students. “She has really been a great teacher and I have truly understood concepts of Mathematics that I didn’t know about,” says Aanya, Grade 9 student. She has helped a lot of students understand the concept of Math better. “I hope that I left some seeds of harmony not just focusing on my subject.” she explains.

The schools and teachers are having a bad time this year teaching online and in person but Ms. Ferrero says that there is a different way to look at it. “Things with Covid have been bad but I think it just made an already present problem more clear.” She has a great positive attitude towards this situation and says that even though it interrupts her teaching at least it makes an existing problem more evident which helps remind us to prepare for anything in the future. 

Right now, she is getting ready to add her yoga shoes, subtract her stress, divide her work, and multiply her happiness.

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