Theater: It’s like being in a movie!

Beauty & the Beast
Grease the Musical (High School) in 2019

It’s the time of the year where we, especially future 9th graders, have to choose an elective but choosing is hard. There are so many choices. Well, let me tell you about an elective that I found educational and fun.

An elective is supposed to fun but something that keeps you busy and uses your creative mind. It is a class that is a break from the monotonous format of other classes. These classes change every year while other classes like Science, Math, English, etc. have a similar format each year. Theater is a popular elective and with reason.

Theater has always been described as just a fun and easy elective which most students take to get easy grades. Most students who have taken theater in middle school find it very easy but once we go into high school theater we go more into depth.  

“Theater in high school is a different experience from middle school because we do more script work while middle schoolers focus on devising,” explained Mrs.Eddy, the theater teacher. In theater, we focused on a lot of comedy pieces which was the best part of my year. Theater is the one class where you can use your imagination and put your creativity on paper. All ideas are great and you have more relaxed assignments.

Theater is also a good way to improve your dancing, acting, and talking skills. Things like the musical are a great way to boost your confidence and improve your memory.

We started the year by learning about all the different types of theatre and the specific ways we can use our bodies and voice to create our characters. “A lot of life skills are developed through theater especially collaboration and working with others. The other one is that it builds confidence which helps when you have interviews for universities or jobs.” It impacts our interactions with people who we might need to impress for school or jobs.

 Mrs. Eddy shared a story about her students and how theater helped them. She said, “A student of mine who went into business school said that theater helped me do well in my course as I was able to work with people on different projects without conflict.”. No matter your major or the career path you want to go on you can use the life skills you have learned everywhere. 

“All you need to do is come with enthusiasm and your love for theater. Just be ready to be on your feet and make mistakes. The great thing about theater is that failures in this class are things we can learn from.  exclaimed Mrs.Eddy. You don’t need anything to join theater so why not try it out?

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