The Masking Sport

This year ZIS sports faced the Coronavirus pandemic issue, restrictions became as strict as they can be. 

At the start of the year when the virus looked like finished students had a full on sports season without any restrictions (except playing full contact rugby). However, after the winter break all Upper school students faced the lockdown. Obviously, the hope of an appropriate sports season slowly disappeared. 

However, the ATAC office made a solution to this problem, they introduced a short sports season with sports that do not require much contact. These were volleyball, badminton and tennis. 

Volleyball with masks on.

As the coronavirus situation calmed down ZIS sports council decided to introduce a full sports season, but there is one issue; wearing masks is mandatory during the training. There are many complaints about wearing masks, like: why would we wear masks if we study in the same school? or people take it off at some point anyway so what is the point of wearing them? 

The next year is as unpredictable as it can be. The Covid19 situation jumped up and down through the year and it’s almost impossible to predict what it is going to look like after summer. However, sport seasons are still going to exist. We are most likely going to have football, touch rugby, volleyball and dodgeball. But rugby and basketball are questionable, those two sports require much contact and if someone with Covid19 comes to training he is most likely to have contact with everyone. 

Masks during training are most likely to be removed. The number of cases is slowly decreasing and public spaces are getting opened. According to last year’s situation people might believe that the virus is over again, but in reality European countries are now going to wait until the last moment to lower the restrictions.

Something that many students are waiting for are the away games with other schools. At the start of the year ZIS sport teams managed to play few games with other schools, but as the Covid19 situation got worse Swiss schools stopped inviting each other for more games. Right now the ATAC office is setting a schedule for the next year international games. We are all hoping that this schedule is going to come true next year and all students are going to have a chance to play against another school.

Masking touch rugby session.

As the 2020/2021 school year comes to an end we can make a clear conclusion in terms of the organization of the sports seasons. Obviously, many people took the masks off during training due to inability to breath after a hard physical training. Most of the time coaches could not complain because they understood the problem. But there was not a single case confirmed during school time, people who were infected with the virus were tested positive right after holidays. It means that the conditions taken by school were perfect to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

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