Countdown to Graduation and Prom

Picture from ZIS homepage. That’s going to be a mess to find your hat.

The countdown is on for the largest event of the year. Graduation. 

The real question is that, with the limiting COVID restrictions,  what will the day look like?  Will it be online? Will the audience be able to sit in the crowd? 

Usually, the ZIS graduation ceremony is packed with 500 people worldwide, from the parents to extended families of the graduating students. 

This, of course, raises the issue of the current COVID restrictions that are in place for indoor gatherings. The regulations state that the maximum number of people in an audience can only be 50. 

Last year’s ceremony was disappointing, as the graduation was entirely virtual. It lacked any proper aspects of a graduation ceremony. The clapping of proud parents and a live speech by the valedictorian never happened. So it came as no surprise that the seniors were left unsatisfied with how their high school experience came to an end. 

Principal Mr. Markus asserted that “Only students, advisors, and graduation participants (Principal, Director, etc.) will be allowed to join the gathering” for this year’s graduation.

Mr. Markus also claimed that “Parents still are not allowed to enter the school based on cantonal education regulations”, which could present an obstacle in hosting a proper graduation ceremony. 

What a bummer! I was hoping to trip my brother on his way up to the stage.

Picture from ZIS homepage. Random student death staring the camera

If the COVID restrictions don’t change by June 5th (day of the ceremony), “the ceremony will be live-streamed, recorded, and available on YouTube” said Mr. Markus.

How boring for the seniors. 18 years of being stuck in countless mind-draining classes, only for their most special day of graduating, they look down on the dead audience filled with empty seats. 

Don’t worry though! 

If things do change, regular graduation will occur in the sweaty sports hall, where one is stuck for 3 hours sweating buckets. Of course, mandatory mask wear and social distancing will be required if it takes place. 

Because of the specialness of the day, I would rather be stuck at the graduation for hours sweating, through my suit than lounging on my couch watching the graduation on the TV.

Despite the possibility of having tremendously boring graduation, the prom thereafter is likely going to be more exciting for the seniors. 

Prom could also be postponed if COVID regulations don’t loosen, though it likely won’t get canceled, given how passionately seniors defended the event last year. 

The prom will be a regular prom night, just with needing to wear masks. That certainly doesn’t sound too bad, as you can still dance with the “love” of your life.

No one knows for sure what will happen for these events, when they will happen or even how they will play out.

Only time will tell. 

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