Don’t Know What to do? 5 FUN JOBS THAT PAY WELL

Are you not sure what to do after high school? Are your parents and relatives asking what career you choosing? Are you feeling pressured to choose your subjects wisely? Most kids today want a job that is relaxing, fun, and something they are passionate about but another factor that is really important in today’s world is MONEY.

Well to help you out, here are 5 jobs that fun but pay well:

5. Animal Groomer:

washing dogs is so fun

Animal grooming can be hard work, but if you are an animal lover who knows their way around most pets, this is the job. Taking another job with a groomer first is a great way to start. This will help you see the work that they do and how comfortable you will be with it. An animal groomer who is self-employed and has regular customers is paid around 75,000$ each year because keeping their pet happy is one of the people’s top priorities. This job is so fun because you get to play with animals all day and is the perfect way to work if you are an energetic person.  Once you get some experience and regular customers you can operate out in the comfort of your own house.

4. Personal Shopper

shopping all day

Imagine shopping all day and then getting paid for it. If you are the type of person who loves shopping and dressing people this is the perfect job for you. Many people like celebrities or your friends who like to dress up nicely don’t pick out their own clothes. They hire people who can understand their wardrobe, fashion sense, and budget to pick out the best clothes. To be a personal shopper you need to understand your, client, well and have a good eye when it comes to fashion sense and being up to date on any new fashion trends. Experienced shoppers usually make a good six-figure salary each year. A degree in fashion management would really help your profile and allow you to get a job in a department store before going out on your own. Once you establish yourself and get a few good clients you can expand sessions and change your rates. Soon enough you can shop for a whole day and not worry about money. 

3. Luxury Car Test Driver

driving all day is a nice car; what is more relaxing?

If you have a need for speed but don’t want to risk your life racing then this is the job for you. Luxury cars and very expensive looking but most companies need some people to test before they can start selling which is where you come in. You get to take the car to private areas like a course and test out the car. Test car drivers have a lot of duties. Since most cars are still prototypes, you must have advanced technical knowledge of mechanics and engineering, as part of your job is to report the detailed performance of each car. Acceleration, braking, high-speed performance, road performance, comfort, visibility, drivability, and overall usability of the vehicle are all measured during driving tests. After these are done you can just sit back and relax. 

2. Event Planner

get ready to party!

Know how to throw a party? Here is the perfect job. Event planning is one of the best ways to socialize while working. Knowing your customer, their aesthetics and know how to handle any size of responsibilty than this will be a piece of cake. The top 10% of Event planners usually make around 70,000$ or more. Event planners need to responsible, fun, understanding and up do date on all trends that fit different settings. Planners also get to travel so you need to be ready to be prepared at any time. In the case of a degree, you need to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Communications, Public Relations, Marketing or Hospitality Management. Good knowledge about either one of these is a good factor in the Event planning business. Another advantage is that if you are a organized and strategic person than you can handle planning a big event while managing the finance. Once those details are looked at you can relax and enjoy the party.

1.Food Taster

who doesn’t love food?

Imagine getting paid to sit around and eat all day; dream come true. This is exactly what a food taster does. Tasters work with different companies and help them test ingredients, variations and flavors of different foods. A food taster samples all the food presented in front of them to see if it matches the expected audience. You get judge things on looks, feel and most importantly taste. Most food tasters need a degree in nutrition so it’s not that easy. As a food taster you need to be ready to workout everyday. After a whole day of eating your body will definitely need exercise. Food tasters are paid from a range of 39,000$ to 78,000$ depending on your status in the market. This job isn’t very easy but is a great job for all the food lovers.  

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