Elon thA god

Photo from Reddit. The man who has more power than God himself.

Elon Musk has made a flamethrower, sent a car into space, started a school, built rockets, and the list goes on. 

But people tend to forget a major detail that adds to the craziness of this man. They forget the power Elon has in manipulating people and markets.

Recently he has been behind the volatility of a few select stocks and cryptocurrencies and sending them “to the moon” as Elon would say. 

You might ask yourself “How in the world is he doing this?”.

The simple answer, a Tweet.

Elon Musk has been releasing several opinionated Tweets about Bitcoin, which has caused the price to skyrocket, leading the price to hit over $60,000 from $40,000. 

For example, Bitcoin shot up 20% just because he added “#bitcoin” in his bio, which goes to show how a small action from Elon, can cause insanity to break out. 

Another cryptocurrency called Dogecoin (which is“totally serious”) has been caused to skyrocket due to Elon. 

Dogecoin is a meme, where the logo is literally a dog. You can’t pay with this coin in real life whereas with Bitcoin you can. It’s a coin that allows you to feel like your part of a movement and of course in making you serious cash as well.

Elon tweeted a few memes and tweets about this new cryptocurrency, causing the coin to explode by 12,000% since the start of 2021. 

Imagine having that amount of power. With a click of a button, you move markets.

Elon in January tweeted “Use signal”, where his followers misunderstood it as a hint to buy Signal Advance shares. The stock later surged 3,092% and turned a small Texan medical supplies company into a billion-dollar business. 

Lucky people who held that stock before the tweet! 

They’re probably sitting on their boat somewhere on the Italian coast, drinking fine wine not having a care in the world.

Photo from CNBC.  The man who has turned people into millionaires overnight.

The story is not all glitz and glamour though, as the SEC is carefully moderating Elon. In 2018, Elon suggested that he would take Tesla private if it hit $420, where the joke lies within the number. 

Smoke weed is what he was referring to if you don’t get it.

The Tweet landed him a $20 million fine with the SEC (Securities Exchange of Commission) and was forced to step down as Tesla’s chairman. 

Elon wasn’t mad about it though, and simply claimed it was “worth it”.

To millions of people around the world, Elon is like a god for them.

His success with his companies such as Tesla and SpaceX has inspired countless people. Elon’s humor and desire to connect with his followers by attempting to fit in with them have increased his popularity as well. Hence, Elon Tha GOD. 

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