It is truly hard to leave school.

There are less and less students leaving Upper School, it is hard to get on with learning in new places through the final years before graduating. But some students in grade 10 leave ZIS for next year. Elia Natale Küenzi is the student who decided to leave ZIS after 1.5 years of studying at the end of grade 10. He now studies in a Zurich public school, where he plans to graduate. 

“I felt pretty calm leaving,” said Elia. He spent much time living in Zurich, and beginning to study in Swiss German works out pretty well to him. He spent 1.5 years studying in ZIS and through this time he became a friend to many people. “I thought that leaving school is stressful” Elis pointed out, and it is true because nowadays many people face this problem and often students face many problems getting into a new collective.

Obviously, knowing Swiss German clearly affected the communication in the new school but being an open person is something that also helped him to adapt very quickly. 

My personal experience has always been pretty challenging, together with school I was switching countries and obviously the adaptation process went pretty slow. When I was 12 years old I arrived at my new school in Singapore. It was the first International School I have ever seen, before I studied in a Russian local school.

I was shocked by the opportunities that this school presented to me right at the entrance. “I can choose subjects?!” my first question of excitement was, I even had an opportunity to choose the grade I can go into. However, there was an issue, I had a very low level of English and the realization of the language difference came up right in the first class. It took me a year to adapt to the new school environment and to catch up with my English knowledge. 

The study programs in schools all over the world are completely different and the understanding of it is very important in final grades. Students’ opinions completely prove that the cause of the low rate of new students in final grades is the fear of different study programs.

Nowadays, students all over the world are facing an unexpected issue of passing final exams: online learning. According to Inside the rates of exam failures have highly increased in the 20/21 school year. So together with a new study program new students had to face online learning, in which obviously, the understanding of new material is way harder. 

After finishing this article I realized that Coronavirus affected few careers in a way that getting better education would be very hard because of the online learning issue. Students leave school and it is always going to happen even if it is not going to bring a positive change to their lives. 

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