Why are there false lockdown-alarms?


In 2021, in ZIS, during the AP exams in late spring. The Lockdown alarm goes off and disrupts the ongoing exams. No drills were planned at the time when it went off and a minute later, we get an announcement that the alarm was a false alarm, why did it go off at this time of the year? Did someone intentionally turn it on?

What is causing it to go off?

According to Kunz: The alarm control panel and the class-switch bell are “wired together” so anyone working with the bell’s software or hardware can unintentionally trigger the lockdown alarm.

Why is it a problem? (opinion)

The lockdown alarm as previously mentioned is disruptive, especially for exams or tests. Another issue is that if it keeps going off, students will get used to hearing it and after a while, they will ignore it and assume it’s a false alarm. If the alarm goes off due to potentially dangerous individuals on the campus or nearby, getting nearly every student into a classroom where it’s safer would take more time which increases the chance of someone getting injured.

I know this article is not ideal, but lions journal needs as much content as possible before school ends.

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