Top 5 Covid Destinations

After a very long year and a half of struggling through COVID and lockdown and masks, what everybody needs is a nice vacation. Unfortunately, the whole COVID issue isn’t over yet. Countries in South America and India specifically have been struggling with COVID, and, most touristic countries and cities such as Taiwan aren’t available for tourism yet for a number of reasons, either there have been too many cases or the international borders aren’t open yet. As the summer approaches, everyone needs to think of a good way to relax without the discomfort of COVID, so, here are the best 5 locations to safely travel to this summer!

5. Mexico

In comparison to most part of Latin America, Mexico has had an astonishingly low number of daily COVID cases, and, luckily for Europeans, it is one of the most comfortable locations to travel to since there is no need for an advanced PCR test or quarantine. It is nice and warm and the perfect way to relax this summer. There are many different options. You can choose to go to the beach in cities such as Cancun or decide to stay in the city in Mexico City.

Cancun, Mexico

4. Brazil

Although Brazil has reported a significant number of cases, it is one of the best countries to travel to with COVID since there is no quarantine and there is no need to take a PCR test. However, if this is the destination chosen for your trip, it is recommended to be careful with the locations you go to and to stay safe since there is a quite high COVID risk. Cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia are perfect for tourism as there are many options for fun and relaxation.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

3. Tanzania

This is one of the best locations to travel to during COVID. Not only is it convenient since there are no quarantine restrictions once arriving in the country ance there is also no need for pre-arrival PCR testing but the country has reported an average of zero daily COVID cases. It is similar to the other two countries in the sense that there is no need for testing and restrictions but it is also COVID free and COVID safe which is a huge bonus. There are many touristic options in Tanzania that will guarantee a fun and relaxing vacation such as the Serengeti National Park and Mt Kilimanjaro.

United Republic of Tanzania

2. Montenegro

Montenegro is a country in the Balkans and also a comfortable and safe travel options. Like the past three countries, there is no need for PCR testing or quarantine, and similarly to Tanzania, it is COVID safe and free. Although it is not as safe as Tanzania, Montenegro has reported a daily average of only 39 daily cases. So even though it is not as safe as Tanzania, it is still safe, and it is closer and there are countless lakes, beaches, casinos and museums to attend to in Montenegro.

  1. Sweden

Much like Tanzania, Sweden is one of the best current travelling options. Like the other countries, not only is it convenient with restrictions and PCR testing, but it has been recorded that there have been zero daily cases. It is nice and warm during the summer and an excellent travel choice since it is cheap, COVID safe, convenient, and lastly, it is close. It is not very far away and it is a safe and interesting country. There are many old towns, squares and museums to visit in Sweden to have a fun filled holiday.


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