The Stress Monster is Back? Here is How to Beat It

Written by Christina Brusco Arnold and Sheraz Zingraff

Senior Diego Germani studying in the library

Stress. The inevitable feeling that creeps up around each finishing unit. Whether it’s an upcoming project you’ve been procrastinating, an essay you haven’t started, or a test you’ve been avoiding, we’ve all felt the pressure. But stress is vincible. Here are some tips to help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and manage stress. 

Use Resources Available To You

Google Calendar, To-Do lists, the Pomodoro technique, NHS tutoring. You name it! All of these  incredible assets are accessible to you. 

Planning things in advance lets you prioritize upcoming projects. Goodbye last minute stress!  There are plenty of online apps, including Notion, Trello, and Be Focused, among others, so it’s time to pick your choice! Tackle those difficult topics you don’t understand now, don’t rely on your friend’s explanation 5 minutes before the big test. Feeling prepared and on-task makes you feel in control, an immediate stress reliever.

Take Some Time For Yourself

Yes, keeping up with schoolwork may help manage the level of stress, but if you are feeling overwhelmed, take some time for yourself. Although it may feel counteractive, especially when under pressure of a due date, it’s your best bet at productivity. 

But no, binge watching Netflix is not the solution. Instead, try to exercise, meditate, and spend time outside. Exercise boosts your brain with feel-good endorphins, helping you stay productive and concentrated. Keeping up with hobbies, and other activities you enjoy, has also shown effective results in managing stress.


Inhale, exhale. Now, we know you’re familiar with these words, but have you recognized their importance? Though meditation may seem cliché and unhelpful, in reality, it can reduce stress, lengthen your attention span, enhance self-awareness and much more! Doesn’t that sound good? With apps such as Calm and Headspace, your access to meditation tools is endless. Even celebrities like Katy Perry, Paul McCartney and Oprah are avid fans. If the cool kids are doing it, then, what’s stopping you? 

Set Attainable Goals

Though we may all strive to accomplish all our goals at once, there is only so much we can do in a day and this is when the common saying of “quality over quantity” comes into play. Deadlines can seem daunting and the mountain of work can feel as though it is consuming you.

But here comes good news, pacing yourself and focusing on the task at hand, will get you the results you need and regulate your stress levels. You must respect your limits and recognize that you can’t conquer it all in a day. Day by day. Step by step. You will get there.

Stress is not the monster under your bed, so there is no reason to fear it! With just a couple of steps, you can learn to make stress your friend. Although it may take you some time to find the best way to deal with it, these are some good stepping stones. We believe in you!

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