November’s Lion of the Month

Jayden Schönenberger (Grade 12) is November’s Lions Journal Nominated Student of the Month!

Jayden’s achievements over the past few months, namingly his music, are worth recognizing. He released his first album ‘Patterns’ during the summer, which he started working on during the beginning of the pandemic.

“I come from a very musical family, so we’re always singing around the house and we have a lot of instruments” 

Jayden Schönenberger

Jayden plays the drums, guitar, and piano. He is planning on studying music production and business at university. Aside from music, he also plays strike/wing in the Freienbach football club. When asked about his biggest advice for people who are hoping to get into music, he said:

“Be passionate, you gotta stay committed, you have to keep working on it and improve. You never know everything, you always have something to learn.”

Go support Jayden on Spotify!

Exojay on Spotify

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