Winter Sports Report 2021

Be it on skis, in the pool or down the court our Lions are racing into the new season. There is a lot to look forward to in the ZIS winter sports. With a great track record from the fall, we will be expecting nothing less than hard work, tough play and – as always – excellent sportsmanship for the winter sports season.  

Boys Basketball

It’s been a strong start for the Basketball Team. In their first games the boys demonstrated excellent play against IZL last week. We have seen great skill and graft from the Varsity boys who led with an exceptional 43-20 win. Equally strong, the Junior Varsity smashed it with a 37-24 victory. Defining the court for basketball this school year, we can’t wait to get back into the game after the winter break. 

Photo @s.white

I am very excited for the incredible opportunity I have been given to coach these boys this season. I am proud of the win over ISZL on Monday. Not only did this game set the right tone for our season, but it also gave each of our players valuable individualized criticism on how to improve their skills and understanding of the strategy

Coach Jacobson

Girls Basketball

What a fight put up by our Lionesses!

No less can be said for the girls’ basketball. Keeping up our victories against IZL, both the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams finished our first games of the season with outstanding results:

The Varsity girls stormed into a 39-27 victory after a fierce effort in the first half and great defense until the end. Across the hall the Junior Varsity team wrapped up the ZIS-IZL battles with a stunning 27 point difference of 37-10. We have a number of games lined up in the new year and with the play we have seen so far, it’s sure this will be one of many wins for our Lionesses.

Photo @s.white

I am very excited about this year’s season especially after taking a year off. We have a hard working, enthusiastic group of athletes on the Varsity team who all played well in our first game against ISZL

Coah Pace
Photo @s.white

The fans were almost more excited than the players were!

Ski Teams

Photo by @ZIS

Harnessing the change of season, the Cross-Country Ski Team and the ZIS Ski Team are back. Our long-distance runners have strapped in for some long-distance skiing. Building strength on dry land and stamina on the snow, our Lions are ready for a season of XC races and, of course, the Engadine XC Skimarathon next year. 

The downhill team are also back in the mountains, training gate racing and skills for Slalom, Giant Slalom and Super G races in the new year. Get ready for some thrilling results from the daredevils of the ZIS community!

Swim team

by @ Patrick Gutenberg

The Swim Team is back! With the hope of easing COVID restrictions, our swimmers will be back in action this year. Despite the uncertainty of competitive swimming, they have been training hard to improve techniques, swim times and racing skills all in preparation for any swim competitions ahead. 

With so much happening and so much more to come, we are getting ready for a great winter sports season for ZIS. It’s been a great finish for 2021 and we can’t wait for the new year. Be sure to come, support, and get ready to roar! 

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