CARE: Habitat Warsaw



The Habitat for Humanity CWW trip to Warsaw, Poland is a week-long experience that will encourage its students to delve into the global issue of poverty and participate in building projects to help those in need. From work on plastering to making concrete, or creating window sills, students will engage in a variety of activities on the worksite, while exploring the Polish culture through a variety of visits to multiple locations in the area.

“It is a great satisfaction to see the happiness of other people,” says Jonathan Kirkwood, assistant principal of ZIS. Habitat for Humanity, the organization with whom this CWW is partnered with, has built and renovated more than 800,000 homes around the world, providing more than 4 million people with safe, decent, affordable shelter. The head of this trip, Sean Maley, emphasizes how these projects have been a great tradition carried out by the school over the years. The notion of social service is long-standing in ZIS’s “CARE” mission statement, and this partnership with H4H allows students to pursue their interest in service. The group on the trip will work together as a family to build shelters for the people in need in the Warsaw area, however, the exact destination is not fixed yet.  By the end of the trip, students will have a dedication to service and will appreciate how valuable an outward outlook on the world truly is.

For all students seeking to be more involved in the greater community, this CWW trip will offer them the opportunity to have a hands-on experience exploring the true notion of helping.

Sample Itinerary (subject to change)

Day 1: Travel

Days 2-3: work on site

Day 4: Cultural exploration

Day 5: Work on site

Day 6: Travel home

Monday, June 3 – Saturday, June 8

Co-Payment: None

Trip Coordinator: TBA

Target Audience: Grades 10-12

Prerequisites: Preparation completed during CWW meetings. Participants are welcome to join the Habitat for Humanity club.

Maximum Group Size: 10-12 students

Destination: Warsaw, Poland

Passport: 6 months validity beyond return date

Visa: No visa necessary for holders of Swiss residence permits.

Essential Questions

How can communities work together to solve poverty housing?

How can an individual make a difference in issues that are global, ongoing, and seemingly bigger than any individual action? Why / how does active encounter offer a different way of knowing and understanding, and promote empathy and compassion?

Enduring Understandings

Habitat for Humanity makes a difference for millions of people by empowering them to improve their living conditions.

Participation in service projects provides the opportunity to build empathy, show compassion, and collaborate with others to make a difference. Sustainable voluntourism seeks to make service mutually beneficial in a responsible way.