CARE: Morocco



Throughout the years, many trips have come and gone, others have left students disappointed, but one trip has consistently left students wishing to stay longer: the Morocco Service trip.

“It seems to be one of the more popular trips every year!” says Ms. Callaghan, the trip coordinator.

Led by Ms. Jolley, this eight-day trip will teach students about the culturally-rich country of Morocco as they venture through the capital city of Marrakech, and explore the most sacred valley of Islam in the heart of the Atlas Mountains. With a blend of both Arabic and European cultural influences in Northern Africa, there is a plethora of eye-opening experiences that students will participate in.

“Since many kids from ZIS come from the West, being able to learn about a Muslim culture first-hand is truly mind-blowing,” stated Ms. Jolley.


While students will journey through the world-famous “souqs” (markets) of Marrakech, the majority of the trip is spent in Zawiya Ahansal, where students interact with the local community. With the help of Rustic Pathways, an organization specializing in service trips, the group will be involved in an exciting volunteering program.  With funds raised throughout the year, the group will help assemble water filters and instruct locals on how to use them. Soon after, the students will visit a primary school where they will teach the children subjects ranging from photography to English, and PE.

Additionally, the group, in partnership with the Atlas Cultural Foundation, will get their hands dirty restoring culturally-significant buildings and community gardens.

Despite the trip being service-based, students will also partake in exciting activities, such as a cooking class, where they will learn how to cook traditional Moroccan dishes. Students will also get a snapshot of rural Moroccan life through a six-hour valley hike around the Atlas Mountains.

Valerie Monticone (‘20) was a student on the Morocco trip last June: “I was mostly worried about the hike since it was so long and it was about 30°C out, but it was actually a highlight of my trip as I got a lot closer with other students on the trip that I didn’t know so well before.”

The Morocco CWW trip is a once in a lifetime experience filled with service, culture, and fun for everyone. With one of the best track records of any CWW trip to date, choosing Morocco is a no-brainer come November.

Itinerary (subject to change)

Day One: Arrival and night spent in Marrakesh.

Day Two: Travel to Zawiya Ahansal arriving late afternoon. Program orientation, health and safety. Dinner at the guesthouse.

Day Three-Six: Service and exploration activities.

Day Seven: Depart for Marrakech.

Day Eight: Departure for Zurich

Saturday, June 1 – Saturday, June 8

*Please note that this trip will conflict with the SAT test taking place on June 1. Students planning on taking the SAT on June 1 should not choose this trip.

Co-Payment: CHF 200.-

Trip Coordinator: Ms. Keri Jolley and Mr. Jonathan Kirkwood

Target Audience: Grade 10-12 students by application. Priority is given by seniority.

Prerequisites: Participants will need to attend a few additional trip preparation meetings.

Max. Group Size: 16 students

Destination: Marrakech and Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Visa requirements: Students who will travel on a passport from the UK, EU, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand do not need a visa.

All other nationalities must consult the Moroccan Consulate. Please note that visas can be difficult to obtain.

Essential Questions

How does a service trip change the participants’ worldview and what difference will we make to the local Moroccan community? What are some behaviors that separate a typical tourist and a conscientious traveler?

Enduring Understandings

Everyone has a culture. Culture is dynamic and powerful. It shapes how we see ourselves, the world, and others. First-hand observation and active encounter provide a unique way to understand a culture.